Creating a VCL Forms ActiveX Active Form

Like a Delphi control, an ActiveX control generates program code when you place the component on a form or other logical container in the IDE. The main difference between an ActiveX control and a Delphi control is that an ActiveX control is language independent. You can create ActiveX controls for deployment to a variety of programming environments on Windows, not just Delphi or C++Builder, for example.

This procedure uses the VCL forms ActiveX Active Form wizard to create an Active Form containing two components. To test the control, you can deploy it to the Web. This procedure consists of the following major steps:

  1. Create an ActiveX library project for an ActiveX Active Form.
  2. Add controls to the Active Form.
  3. Add event handling code for the controls.
  4. Deploy the project to the Web.
  5. Display the form and test the controls in your Web browser.
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