Creating a new ECO application

1- Click on File ^ New â–º Other to open the New Items dialog box.

  1. Select the Delphi for .NET Projects project category.
  2. Double-click the ECO Application icon. The New Application dialog box will appear.
  3. Type the name of your project, and use the Browse ('...') button to navigate to the folder where you want the project files to reside.
  4. Use the subsequent Save As dialogs to name your project files and save initial copies in the project folder.

The ECO Application Wizard generates a new project containing the following files:

  1. pas Contains the source code for the UML packages, interfaces, classes and their associations, and all other types in your model.
  2. pas Contains source code for the subclass of Borland.Eco.Handles.EcoSpace.
  3. pas Contains an ECO enabled WinForm. An ECO enabled form is a subclass of
  4. windows.Forms.Form that provides a property for setting and retrieving the ECO Space. An instance of the application's ECO Space is passed to the form's constructor. A default root handle and expression handle are also provided, as is source code to connect the root handle to the ECO Space.


  1. Eco.Core.dll Borland.Eco.Handles.dll
  2. Eco.Interfaces.dll Borland.Eco.Ocl.ParserCore.dll

Contains source code for the application's main form. The main form for an ECO application provides a property that holds an instance of the application's ECO Space. The form also contains code to automatically allocate the ECO Space.

These are the .NET assemblies required by all ECO applications. The ECO Application Wizard automatically adds references to these assemblies, and they must be distributed with your application along with all other referenced assemblies.


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