Compiler Options

You can set many of the compiler options for a project by choosing Project ► Options and selecting the Compiler page. Most of the options on the Compiler page correspond to a compiler option and are described in the online Help for that page.

On the Compiler page, you can also save compiler options as an option set. This lets you quickly change options based on your development activity. For example, you can set compiler options specific to debugging your project, and then change the option set when you are done debugging it.

If you need to specify additional compiler options, you can invoke the compiler from the command line. For a complete list of the compiler options and information about running the compiler from the command line, see the Language Guide section of this Help system.

As you compile your project, you can display the current compiler options in the Messages window. Choose Tools ► Options ^ Environment Options and select the Show command line option. The next time you compile a project, the command used to compile the project and the response file will displayed in the Messages window. The response file lists the compiler options and the files to be compiled.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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