Code Visualization and UML Static Structure Diagrams

Delphi 8 for .NET's code visualization diagram presents a graphical view of your source code, which is reflected directly from the code itself. When you make changes in source code, the graphical depiction on the diagram is updated automatically. The code visualization diagram corresponds to a UML static structure diagram. A structural view of your project focuses on UML packages, data types such as classes and interfaces, and their attributes, properties, and operations. A static structure diagram also shows the relationships that exist between these entities.

This section will explain the relationship between source code and the code visualization diagram.

Note: code visualization, and the integrated UML modeling tools are two separate and distinct features of Delphi 8 for .NET. Code visualization refers to the ability to scan an arbitrary set of source code, and map the declarations within that code onto UML notation. The resulting diagram is "live", in the sense that it always reflects the current state of the source code, but you cannot make changes directly to the code visualization diagram itself. Delphi 8 for .NET's model driven UML tools go a step further, giving you the ability to design your application on the diagramming surface. While both product features are based on Borland Together technologies, they each use different underlying mechanisms to produce and manipulate the diagram. The integrated model design surface is additionally based on the designtime capabilities of Borland's Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) framework. This document covers only the code visualization diagram; please use the link at the bottom of this topic for more information on the ECO framework and UML modeling tools.

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