Class Reference Types

A class-reference type, sometimes called a metaclass, is denoted by a construction of the form class of type where type is any class type. The identifier type itself denotes a value whose type is class of type. If type1 is an ancestor of type2, then class of type2 is assignment-compatible with class of typel. Thus type TClass = class of TObject; var AnyObj: TClass;

declares a variable called AnyObj that can hold a reference to any class. (The definition of a class-reference type cannot occur directly in a variable declaration or parameter list.) You can assign the value nil to a variable of any class-reference type.

To see how class-reference types are used, look at the declaration of the constructor for TCollection (in the Classes unit):

type TCollectionItemClass = class of TCollectionItem; constructor Create(ItemClass: TCollectionItemClass);

This declaration says that to create a TCollection instance object, you must pass to the constructor the name of a class descending from TCollectionItem.

Class-reference types are useful when you want to invoke a class method or virtual constructor on a class or object whose actual type is unknown at compile time.

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