Class Declarations

Such declarations have the form type className = class (ancestorClass, interfacel, ..., interfacen) memberList end;

For example, type

TMemoryManager = class(TInterfacedObject, IMalloc, IErrorlnfo)


declares a class called TMemoryManager that implements the IMalloc and IErrorlnfo interfaces. When a class implements an interface, it must implement (or inherit an implementation of) each method declared in the interface.

Here is the (Win32) declaration of TInterfacedObject in the System unit. On the .NET platform, TInterfacedObject is an alias for TObject.


TInterfacedObject = class(TObject, Ilnterface) protected

FRefCount: Integer;

function QueryInterface(const IID: TGUID; out Obj): HResult;


function AddRef: Integer; stdcall; function Release: Integer; stdcall; public procedure AfterConstruction; override; procedure BeforeDestruction; override; class function NewInstance: TObject; override;

property RefCount: Integer read FRefCount;


TInterfacedObject implements the IInterface interface. Hence TInterfacedObject declares and implements each of IInterface"s three methods.

Classes that implement interfaces can also be used as base classes. (The first example above declares TMemoryManager as a direct descendent of TInterfacedObject.) On the Win32 platform, every interface inherits from IInterface, and a class that implements interfaces must implement the QueryInterface, _AddRef, and _Release methods. The System unit's TInterfacedObject implements these methods and is thus a convenient base from which to derive other classes that implement interfaces. On the .NET platform, IInterface does not declare these methods, and you do not need to implement them.

When an interface is implemented, each of its methods is mapped onto a method in the implementing class that has the same result type, the same calling convention, the same number of parameters, and identically typed parameters in each position. By default, each interface method is mapped to a method of the same name in the implementing class.

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