Building an Application with DB Web Controls

The following procedure describes the minimum number of steps required to build a simple ASP.NET database application using DB Web Controls and BDP.NET. After generating the required connection objects, the project displays data in a DBWebGrid with a DBWebNavigator. Additional information is provided for other common DB Web Controls.

Users should already be familiar with creating an ASP.NET project using BDP.NET.

Building the simple ASP.NET application with DB Web Controls and BDP.NET consists of three major steps:

  1. Prepare an ASP.NET project with BDP.NET or other connection components.
  2. Drag and drop a DBWebDataSource onto the designer and set its DataSource property to a DataSet, DataView or DataTable.
  3. Drag and drop a DBWebGrid and other DB Web Control onto the designer.

Tip: Dragging and dropping web components places them in absolute position. Double clicking leaves them in flow layout. Flow layout is much easier to manage. For instance, if the controls are at an absolute position and they change sizes at runtime (as might happen to a DataGrid when you add and remove rows), the grid may overwrite other controls.

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