Borland EcoUmlRt

The Borland.Eco.UmlRt namespace implements of a subset of the foundation package in the UML metamodel version 1.4. The interfaces in this namespace are used to access the UML elements that comprise the model's type system. Data pertaining to the types within the type system are accessed through the interfaces in the UmlRt namespace. For example, this namespace contains the interfaces IClassifier, IClass, and IAttribute; these interfaces can be used to access the type system's metadata.

The top-level interface is IEcoTypeSystem. There are two ways to access the type system:

  • The TypeSystem property of the EcoSpace class.
  • Through the GetEcoService method, available on classes that implement the IEcoServiceProvider interface.

Once you have the IEcoTypeSystem, you can examine its properties, such as AllClasses, which returns a collection of metadata on all of the UML classes defined in the model.

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