Borland EcoServices

The Borland.Eco.Services namespace is the primary interface to the runtime capabilities of the ECO framework. The services provided are:

  • IStateService. Provides routines to determine if a given object or property has changed since the last database update.
  • IPersistenceService. Provides routines for querying and saving, using the chosen persistence mechanism of the ECO Space.
  • IDirtyListService. Provides routines for returning lists of objects that have changed since the last database update.
  • IExtentService. Queries the ECO Space for all objects of a given class.
  • IObjectFactoryService. Creates a new instance of a given class using the model's UML type system. When creating new instances, you can use either the IObjectFactoryService interface, or you can use the constructors defined on your classes.
  • IOclService. Provides routines for evaluating OCL expressions and returning the results.
  • IVersionService. Provides routines for creating and storing versions of objects in the ECO Space. Versioned objects are tagged with version numbers starting with 1. Versioned objects support multiple, read-only instances, and one "live" instance. The latest version, tagged with the special version number CurrentVersion, is always the live, writeable instance.
  • IUndoService. Provides routines for supporting Undo/Redo functionality on objects in the ECO Space.

These services are available using methods on the subclass of EcoSpace that the IDE generates for you when you start a new ECO application (or when you add a new EcoSpace subclass to an existing application).

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