Borland EcoPersistence

The Borland.Eco.Persistence namespace contains classes related to saving objects in an ECO Space out to disk. The ECO framework supports persistence to either a relational database, or an XML file. There are three components of primary interest in this namespace:

  • PersistenceMapperBdp. This component is used for saving objects to a relational database using the Borland Data Provider classes for database connectivity.
  • PersistenceMapperSqlServer. This component uses the SqlConnection component for database connectivity.
  • PersistenceMapperXML. This component is used to store objects in an XML file.

These components are used by dropping them onto the ECO Space designer, and then connecting them to the PersistenceMapper property of the application's ECO Space.

In addition, the Borland.Eco.Persistence namespace contains three interfaces that are used to map a single class attribute to one or more database columns. These interfaces are:

  • IAttributeMapping
  • ISingleColumnAttributeMapping
  • INonBooleanBooleanMapping

The namespaces nested within Borland.Eco.Persistence contain the classes that implement the default attribute mappings for the supported databases.

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