Borland EcoHandles

The Borland.Eco.Handles namespace contains the components used for defining and interacting with ECO Spaces. The components in this namespace fall into three categories:

  • The DefaultEcoSpace class
  • The OclVariables class
  • The ElementHandle abstract class

You cannot instantiate a DefaultEcoSpace object directly; instead the IDE will generate a subclass for you when you use either the ECO Application wizard, or the ECO Space wizard.

The ElementHandle class is the abstract superclass of all model elements. ElementHandle objects represent values. The handle might represent a single value, or a collection of values. Subclasses of ElementHandle implement the IListSource interface, making them suitable for use as data sources in the .NET databinding architecture.

The OclVariables class allows you to create variables for use in OCL expressions. These variables are then bound to, and reflect the value of the actual element handles in the ECO Space.

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