Bdpnet Component Designers

Almost all distributed applications revolve around reading and updating information in databases. Different applications you develop using ADO.NET requires different requirements for working with data. For instance, you might develop an application that simply displays data on a form. Or, you might develop an application that provides a way to share data information with another company. No matter what your intent is, you need to have an understanding of certain fundamental concepts about data approach in ADO.NET.

Delphi 8 for .NET provides BDP.NET component designers to allow data integration in distributed, scalable applications. By providing a number of these designers, you can work efficiently to access, expose, and edit data. These designers let you browse and edit database server-specific schema objects like tables, fields, triggers, and indexes, extensively allow you to use these existing tools to connect and perform the same type of functionality to a number of industry standard databases, and many others.

This section includes:

  • Component Designer Relationships
  • Connection Editor
  • Command Text
  • Generate Datasets
  • Configure Data Adapter
  • Data Explorer

Component Designer Relationships

The major components of the database component designers include a Connection Editor to define a live connection to a data source, a Command Text Editor to construct command text for command components, a Configure Data Adapter to set up commands for a data adapter, and a Generate Dataset to build custom datasets. Additionally, you can use the Data Explorer to browse database server-specific schema objects and use drag and drop techniques to automatically populate data from a data source to your Delphi for .NET project.

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