Assignment Statements

An assignment statement has the form variable := expression where variable is any variable reference, including a variable, variable typecast, dereferenced pointer, or component of a structured variable. The expression is any assignment-compatible expression (within a function block, variable can be replaced with the name of the function being defined. See Procedures and functions). The := symbol is sometimes called the assignment operator.

An assignment statement replaces the current value of variable with the value of expression. For example,

assigns the value 3 to the variable I. The variable reference on the left side of the assignment can appear in the expression on the right. For example,

increments the value of I. Other assignment statements include

Done := (I >= 1) and (I < 100); Huel := [Blue, Succ(C)]; I := Sqr(J) - I * K; Shortint(MyChar) := 122; TByteRec(W).Hi := 0; MyString[I] := 'A'; SomeArray[I + 1] := PA; TMyObject.SomeProperty := True;

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