Aspnet Web Services Overview

Web Services is an Internet-based integration methodology that enables applications, independent of any platform or language, to connect and exchange information. Web Services are tightly integrated with the .NET Framework's ASP.NET model. Unlike traditional native Windows applications, ASP.NET Web Services applications contain objects and methods that are exposed over the Web using simple messaging protocol stacks. Any client can invoke a Web Services application over HTTP using a WebMethod. Like any method that can be accessed by way of a simple Windows Form application, a WebMethod provides some defined functionality, but unlike other types of methods, the WebMethod is accessed by way of a web browser. For more general information about Web Services, refer to Microsoft's .NET Framework SDK Documentation.

Borland provides tools to develop and access ASP.NET Web Services using a variety of techniques. As modular objects, Web Services provide reuse without additional coding.

The following topics provide a brief introduction to the architecture of ASP.NET Web Services, the basic fundamentals of Web Services communication, and to the files created when you develop ASP.NET Web Services.

This section introduces:

  • ASP.NET Web Services Architecture.
  • Web Services Prerequisites.
  • Web Services Scenarios.
  • ASP.NET Web Services Files.
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