Aspnet Overview

ASP.NET is the .NET programming environment for building Internet applications with an HTML front end. The ASP.NET architecture is designed for seamless integration with a number of .NET programming models, including its own Web Forms for the front-end interface, Web Services as an optional approach to xml-based messaging, and ADO.NET for optional, back-end data access. Use ASP.NET to build forms-based applications in HTML that run on the Web.

Borland provides tools to simplify rapid ASP.NET development. If you are familiar with rapid application development (RAD) and object oriented programming (OOP) using properties, methods, and events, you will find the ASP.NET model for building rich Web applications familiar.

The following topic provides the conceptual background 1) to understand the major components of the ASP.NET architecture and 2) to understand how ASP.NET integrates with other programming models in the .NET framework.

This section introduces:

  • ASP.NET architecture.
  • Web Forms components.
  • Web Forms data access.
  • Web Services.
  • ASP.NET namespace.
  • ASP.NET application deployment.
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