Array Parameters

When you declare routines that take array parameters, you cannot include index type specifiers in the parameter declarations. That is, the declaration procedure Sort(A: array[1..10] of Integer) // syntax error<

causes a compilation error. But type TDigits = array[1..10] of Integer; procedure Sort(A: TDigits);

is valid. Another approach is to use open array parameters.

Since the Delphi language does not implement value semantics for dynamic arrays, 'value' parameters in routines do not represent a full copy of the dynamic array. In this example type

TDynamicArray = array of Integer; procedure p(Value: TDynamicArray); begin

procedure Run; var a: TDynamicArray; begin

Note that the assignment to Value[0] in routine p will modify the content of dynamic array of the caller, despite Value being a by-value parameter. If a full copy of the dynamic array is required, use the Copy standard procedure to create a value copy of the dynamic array.

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