Additional Visibility Specifiers for NET

In addition to private and protected visibility specifiers, the Delphi for .NET compiler supports additional visibility settings that comply with the .NET Common Language Specification (CLS). These are, strict private, and strict protected visibility.

Class members with strict private visibility are accessible only within the class in which they are declared. They are not visible to procedures or functions declared within the same unit.

Class members with strict protected visibility are visible within the class in which they are declared, and within any descendant class, regardless of where it is declared.

Delphi's traditional private visibility specifier maps to the CLR's assembly visibility. Delphi's protected visibility specifier maps to the CLR's assembly or family visibility.

Note: The word strict is treated as a directive within the context of a class declaration. Within a class declaration you cannot declare a member named 'strict', but it is acceptable for use outside of a class declaration.

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