Simple Console Application

The program below is a simple console application that you can compile and run from the command prompt.

The first line declares a program called Greeting. The {$apptype console} directive tells the compiler that this is a console application, to be run from the command line. The next line declares a variable called MyMessage, which holds a string. (Delphi has genuine string data types.) The program then assigns the string "Hello world!" to the variable MyMessage, and sends the contents of MyMessage to the standard output using the Writeln procedure. (Writeln is defined implicitly in the System unit, which the compiler automatically includes in every application.)

You can type this program into a file called greeting.pas or greeting.dpr and compile it by entering dcc32 greeting to produce a Win32 executable, or dccil greeting to produce a managed .NET executable. In either case, the resulting executable prints the message Hello world!

Aside from its simplicity, this example differs in several important ways from programs that you are likely to write with Borland development tools. First, it is a console application. Borland development tools are most often used to write applications with graphical interfaces; hence, you would not ordinarily call Writeln. Moreover, the entire example program (save for Writeln) is in a single file. In a typical GUI application, the program heading the first line of the example would be placed in a separate project file that would not contain any of the actual application logic, other than a few calls to routines defined in unit files.

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