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Selecting the Series tab (or double clicking the desired Series) allows you to edit your Series. Select Series1. Select the DataSource tab. Select "Dataset" from the drop down list. Select AdoQuery1 for the dataset. The next set of choices determine the way how the data form the datasource will appear on the graph (different kinds of charts have different properties and methods). The exact contents of the page will change depending on the Series type you have chosen. The Bar property determines what value each bar is representing - pick SumItems from the list. The Labels property is used to draw labels for each of the bars in the graph. Note that Lables drop down does not list the Company field from the recordset!

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BUG! When working with ADO recordset the Chart Editor does not list fields of the WideString type (for the XLabels property). This bug is present in TeeChart v4.xx STANDARD that ships with Delphi 5 and Delphi 6. This is what I got as a reply from the authors of the TeeChart: "Well, all Delphi versions use the same TeeChart version (v4 STANDARD, I think D4-D6 and CB4-CB5 use the same version). We discovered this bug only when Delphi 5 was released. We fixed it, but not for TeeChart v4 STANDARD version (only for new v5 PRO version). The good news is user can still connect ADOQuery to specific series at runtime (via code):"

  1. DataSource := ADOQuery1;
  2. XLabelsSource := ADOQuery1WideStringField1.FieldName;
  3. XValues.ValueSource := ADOQuery1FloatField1.FieldName;
  4. YValues.ValueSource := ''; { no YValues }
  5. CheckDataSource;

I believe we fixed it in TeeChart v5.01 (v5.00) release. Upgrading to the 5.01 release is not free.

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